A 6 week program for women who want to …


Get ready to attract raving fans online.

You were told to just get online and start blogging/tweeting/podcasting/making video/whatever, and the money would rush in.

But strangely the cash registers didn’t ring (not as nearly as much as you thought they would).

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone because it’s not that simple.

We’ve all heard the success stories about people who have come out of nowhere and are now making millions from their online businesses.

And yet so many people get stuck.

How do I get more readers? Why isn’t my blog converting? How do I connect with my audience? Do I need a social media strategy? How do I actually start making money? And what on earth is this SEO stuff?!

It’s this Internet marketing knowhow that stops many people from growing (and starting) AND profiting from their ideas.

These are the very same stumbling blocks that stop so many amazing, passionate women – yep, just like you – from making the serious profit they could me making. (And I’m talking 6 and 7 figures here.)

So what’s the “Magic Formula” to Attract, Engage & Create Raving Fans Online?

To kickass online you need to understand how to powerfully market yourself.

Love-fuelled marketing is the new modern way to sell yourself online with purpose & impact.

Understand these new principles and you can ensure that in a loud and crowded world, you are HEARD, LOVED and FOUND online.

This program has been designed with you in mind....

Everything you need to know to market yourself online is in this program

Program Outline

Our entry point is laying the foundations for your future success by establishing your own brand. We’ll uncover what the most successful emerging businesses do to create a brand that is LOVED. You’ll see that every successful brand has their own unique difference. It’s how they set themselves apart from the competition and connect directly with their audience. In week one you will:

  • Nail down your unique difference.
  • Unlock the secrets to gaining heart-share, not just market-share.
  • Learn how to position what you do around your dream customers’ needs.
  • Write your killer about page (yourself).

In week two, we’ll be focusing on the essential pillars for online success. This is where we will look at the theory and strategy which underpins building out your online presence. We’ll cover:

  • How to build your online presence when you’re starting from scratch.
  • Polishing your online presence and preparing for growth.
  • The key elements of a profitable website (including live website reviews).
  • How to strategically build your profile and position yourself as the expert in your field.
  • Intro to ninja social media strategies.We deep dive into the hottest social media platforms to learn how to use them to grow your business.

Creating high quality content is the bread-and-butter of the online business world. This is where you can truly shine and share your own unique wisdom and perspective with the whole world. And when you do it strategically, you’ll not only cultivate a devoted community, you’ll have a built-in content marketing system. This week, you’ll learn:

  • Everything you need to know about blogging for your business, from the Fairy Blogmother herself!
  • The truth about writing blog posts that get read.
  • How to grow your email list fast (and why you should).

Social copy is any kind of writing you’re putting out on the web for others to read- emails, website copy, social media, taglines, blogposts, books, sales pages.

When you learn the art of writing social copy that’s hot and you’ll see your audience engagement and loyalty DRAMATICALLY increase. Your audience just won’t be able to get enough of you. This module in itself is a mini web writing workshop for the web. This is where you’ll:

  • Bring together everything you’ve learnt in the program so far AND add some polish - the stuff that’s going to make your business sparkle online – the secret sauce you need to have raving fans online and a devoted readership for life.
  • Turn your ideas into words that click with your clients.
  • Like your business on the front pages of Google (SEO)? You’ll learn how you can use social copy to get you there.

This week there’s also a special guest presentation with expert Copywriter, Kyle Tully on the following topic:

enough of you. This module in itself is a mini web writing workshop for the web. This is where you’ll:

  • The 80/20 Salesletter: How to write a 'good enough' sales letter without being a great copywriter.
  • That’s right you’ll get professional insider tips on how to write a sales page that sells. Get ready to be blown away!

Your email list is more important than anything else. The more subscribers you get, the more money you make. Granted, your relationship with your subscribers and the quality of your products or services and other factors still matter, but to drive revenue, it’s important to focus on email list growth. Get ready to discover:

  • How to grow your email list fast.
  • The formula to create YOUR irresistible lead magnet (your magnetic giveaway) that will have your ideal customer keen as mustard to join your tribe.

With your vision in place, your website working wonders, your platform performing beautifully, it's time to look at a powerful lead generation strategy to skyrocket your email list AND generate a pipleline of hungry ideal customers. In our final week you’ll learn:

  • How to strategically generate leads to attract the right customer into your sales funnel using my favourite tools – LeadPages and Facebook.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to drive traffic using the only Facebook ad strategy you’ll ever need.



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What previous Web Celeb program participants are saying

Sheri Miller

"I grew my email list by 1,000 subscribers in one week."

“I’ve just completed the 6 week Web Celeb program on how to rock it online. Jane teaches you all that you need to know about building your online presence, business and brand…social media and blogging and more. It’s a totally awesome course and I just LOVED IT! It gave me EVERYTHING that I need to know to implement a wildly successful and converting online strategy for my success coaching business. Thank you so much Jane!”

Serena Sandstrom, Success Coach, Founder of
Sheri Miller

"My business is really starting to click for me now."

“I had gone through Marie Forleo’s BSchool, which set me up well for philosophy and strategy, but I was struggling with the details of how to make everything happen. My big breakthrough from doing Jane’s program was going from a foggy notion of what I'm doing, to a clear idea of what I'm doing and who I'm serving. I benefited greatly from gaining an understanding of how to use social media and I also went from a semi okay “about” page, to a cool one! If you need clarity about your work and help with the finer details of implementation you should definitely work with Jane.

Sheri Miller, founder of
Dr Ash Good

"My online confidence skyrocketed!”

"I had limited traction for my blog (and business) and wanted simple yet proven strategies and ideas to execute. The program provided practical strategies that made a direct and measurable influence on my business such as 1) my social media presence increased 2) my email list increased 3) I re-configured my website to attract more readers. I found receiving direct feedback from Jane highly valuable and loved the 'hand-holding' and personal touch. I now have confidence and ideas for blog writing and have published several guest blog posts, all as a direct result of doing the program."

Dr Kristy Goodwin, Kids & Technology Expert, Director

You'll also receive:


You receive 10+ hours of step-by-step video training. These customised tutorials contain amazing, practical, super-useful content (audio + video) on all the key topics essential to effectively create, build and market your business online.

I’ll also share simple copy formulas, blog writing secrets, online strategies, and dozens of tips n tactics that I’ve used to build a sustainable and lucrative online business. Think done for you swipe files, templates, checklists.. the lot.


All course materials are delivered in a member’s only website over 6 weeks, via online video and audio downloads.

Also included is a copy of presentation slides plus tones of done for you swipe files, templates, checklists and recordings of any live calls. Your enrolment includes lifetime access to the program too.


This is a 40 page workbook consisting of a step-by-step process market yourself online. It includes a series of fun, creative and critical thinking exercises, and examples in action that add to the core training modules.


I’ll share with you my top recommended and vetted resources you’ll need to build your online presence and market yourself powerfully online. Think designers, tech support, web developers, copywriters the lot.


The 80/20 Salesletter:
How to write a 'good enough' sales letter without being a great copywriter.

Intro to Google Analytics
How to install and use Google Analytics
Advanced Analytics – setting up goals
SEO Basics for bloggers



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Web Celeb Formula is for women who want to get clear on the critical things you must do to set yourself apart and be found online.

Here's what I know for sure: just having a blog and publishing posts will not grow your online business. You need a formula that shows you how to attract more of the right customers, by implementing smart strategies to leverage your online presence in combination with your blog.

You don’t need to figure it all out yourself.

Someone has already figured it out

I can help you get where you want to go faster.

It is possible to build an online business and live life on your own terms. You can get paid handsomely doing work you love. I know because I’m doing it myself!

Three years ago, after the birth of my first baby, I left my corporate job and launched a blog. In the first month, received over 10,000 unique visitors, and featured some of Australia’s best writers, journalists, celebrities and leading experts as contributors.

Within 12 months, I monetised my blog. I’ve since written and published a book and created a successful online brand and lucrative business. I now help people build a successful business online without having to become technology gurus.

To get here, I had to start from scratch, with nothing. I worked hard, feverishly soaking up everything I could about what successful emerging businesses were doing to build their profiles FAST. I implemented strategically and worked out which techniques made the biggest impact on my bottom line.

And now? I’m ready to share my tried-and-true systems to help other women achieve financial freedom and lifestyle abundance too.

That’s why I created Web Celeb Formula. Now YOU can tap in to my knowledge plus others who are killing it online and save yourself YEARS of rookie mistakes and amateur experiments.

If you’ve ever dreamed about learning how to market yourself powerfully online and of getting more clients who love you, here’s your opportunity to make it happen.


2014 Nominee Telstra Business Women's Awards

Chosen as one of Australia's Most Inspiring Women Online

Jane Copeland
Jane Copeland

What previous Web Celeb program participants are saying

Dr Ash Good

"I raised my coaching prices and launched a digital product which was extremely successful."

"I was struggling as I didn’t know how to take my business to the next level or how to monetise. Working with Jane I was able to turn things up a notch and take my business to the next level. I successfully raised my coaching prices and launched a digital product which was extremely successful, monetarily and socially. I saw a significant difference to my blog and my business and the way I saw my online career. As a result my vision and motivation to really build my business amplified significantly and importantly I’m seeing big results."

Dr Ashlee Good, Osteopath and Health & Nutrition Coach
Jacinta Tynan

"In a month I had made an additional $1,000 from my website."

“The self-proclaimed fairy blogmother is just that... a fairy. Her words of wisdom were worth every moment and every cent. Jane told me that my website was not meeting my business objectives and that I needed to rebrand. As difficult as this was to hear after I had spent money on it, I implemented Jane’s suggestions and within one month I had made an additional $1,000 from my website alone! Traffic has skyrocketed and Jane's words of wisdom created miracles on my site.”

Jenny Ravikumar, Yoga Teacher, Lifestyle & Yoga Blogger,
Zoe Ryan

"We tripled our sales."

"We wanted to grow our business and sell more of our online classes, but as midwives we didn’t have much marketing or online knowledge. We were struggling with branding, blogging and how to use social media. The Web Celeb program helped us get clear on how to position our message around our customers’ needs and on what we should be focusing on to grow and market our business online. Jane makes things simple to understand and empowers you to believe that you CAN bring your business to life and create a profitable online business. As a result of working with Jane we have tripled our sales and also now have a brand which totally resonates with our client and we are thrilled.”

Zoe Ryan, Midwife & Director,
Sheri Miller

"I saw how to fulfil a need in the market and created a service based product"

"Initially I felt completely lost. I knew what I wanted to do but I was alone and had no idea how to bring it all together and share my gift with others. I started my site as an online directory, but after working with Jane I was able to see a clearer picture of how to fulfil a need in the market. As a result, the business model changed and I created a service based product! In the process I rebranded my website. Jane is an expert in thinking outside the box and building an online brand. As a full-time carer to a special needs child being able to now provide for my family truly is a dream come true.”

Debra Patrizi, Director,
Sheri Miller

"I clarified my brand and launched my online business."

“I wanted to take my business online but didn’t know where to start or who I should be targeting. Initially I felt I lacked “online” knowledge and was inspired to work with Jane as I was impressed with the online brand she had built. This was my first time working with a mentor and I’m so glad I did. With Jane’s guidance I was able to clarify what I wanted my brand to be, create it and launch my online business."

Annelies Hamdorff Gallagher, Performance Coach,
Dr Ash Good

“I decided to do Jane’s course as I wanted to make my business blog more effective – it needed a makeover. I saw Jane’s success and wanted to know what strategies and processes she had in place to build her business momentum. As a result of doing the course I have improved my website design, honed my offerings and updated my About Me page (which I’ve received great feedback on). The online tutorials were concise and actionable, and I've been able to implement most of take-aways and strategies myself with ease. The Facebook advertising tutorial was great too and I’ll definitely be using FB ads (now that I know how) as a lead generation tool. I loved the program and would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about all aspects of improving the performance of their business blog.” 

Kate Luella, Internet Marketing Consultant,
Sheri Miller

"I now have a good visual of what my brand will look and feel like, and have more confidence around how to set up my online presence and feel good about the direction. Great resources were provided and Jane is an absolute delight to deal with.”

Monika Berry, Creative Producer,
Jacinta Tynan

Just wanted to say thank you for your awesome program! I love the effort you have put into it and you went above and beyond when helping us. Loved your guest speakers too. I did the program because I wanted to find out how to engage readers and write articles that would help generate interest in what I do. After doing the program I can’t wait to get my new website up and running so I can start blogging again and implement all the fab suggestions. I also love that I can revert back to and go over the content again whenever I want.”

Renee Longworth, Feng Shui Consultant,
Jacinta Tynan

"If you’re looking to build a blog, website and brand then Jane's your woman.”

“As a huge technophobe I was struggling with how to build a website - both technically and the best way to set out my content. Since working with Jane I’ve increased my knowledge of online marketing and branding, and importantly, I got started! Secondly, for the first time I thought about what the goals of my website are and who my "target audience" is. I also now see the importance of the "intro" and sharing my personal story and insights with readers. If you’re looking to build a blog, website and brand then Jane's your woman.”

Jacinta Tynan, News Presenter, Author, Columnist + Founder of



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I stand by this program and believe that if you commit to applying the learning’s in this program you will achieve results. I am proud to offer my 100% Happiness Guarantee – if after applying the tips and action steps during the first 7 days of the program, you’re not completely satisfied, your fees will be entirely refunded.


Any questions about the program or to become an affiliate, please email Jane here